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   It’s been a week since you’ve woken up from your coma. You’ve adapted to your new lifestyle and diet, but have been feeling like something has been missing, and you finally realized what it was.

   You and Uta were walking through the silent park at around noon, and you wanted to bring up what you felt has been missing.

   "Uta… I want a cat.” You said to him with assertiveness. Uta stopped walking and turned to look at you, his face subtly saying no with a bit of disgust. You stopped alongside him. "Why?” you asked him. “I want to share our love with someone, or at least something." You pouted, but he turned to look away from you and started walking again.

   "If I'd have to share you with anything, I'd get jealous of it." He said to you, which had made you feel special, but you really wanted him to listen to you.

   "I’m not going to talk to you until you’ve said yes to the pet." You crossed your arms stubbornly.

   You both were walking through the park in silence and Uta was walking towards the Helter Skelter bar which was near the park. You followed him to make sure he would listen to you and agree.

   The second Uta sat on a seat inside the bar, you sat 2 seats away from him. He'll have to listen to me, you thought, even if I have to give him the silent treatment.

   Itori came over to the both of you and started to giggle. "A lovers quarrel this early?"

   "It’s because (y/n) thinks I'll be able to share her." Uta responded before you said anything.

   You felt a bit agitated. "If you would have listened to me, then we wouldn’t be fighting! All I wanted was a pet!"

   You felt upset, and at the same time, you knew your anger was a little unreasonable.

   "Now now, I have just the solution to your problem!” Itori sat in one of the seats in between you and Uta. “Just hear me out, okay? So, there’s this ghoul family, and they have a 2 year old child. Well, the parents were killed by some Doves and before they were killed, they entrusted me with the kid. I won’t be able to take care of him, so I was thinking that you both could raise him?”

   Uta looked at you, and his expression told you that he would never change his mind. Feeling sad for the poor child, you asked Itori where he is, and she went to one of the back rooms and brought out an adorable young boy sleeping in her arms. She walked up to you and gave him to you.

   “Well if no one’s going to take care of him, then I’ll just give him all of my attention and love, by myself.” You emphasized the last words and looked at Uta.

   Uta got up from his seat and walked up to you. Once you were face to face with him, he bent down to look at the child in your arms. “He isn’t as pretty as you, but I guess he’ll do.” He told you.

   You smiled brightly at him once he had gotten up, and he kissed you.


   Three years passed by since you’ve been taking care of the child with Uta, and you never regretted anything.

   You, Uta, and your now 5 year old child were in the same park Uta and you were at three years ago.

   Your child was playing tag with some other kids. You and Uta were sitting on a picnic blanket. Uta was hugging you from behind and you leaned on him. I love days like this, you thought.

   You remember a few days after you both had gotten the baby, Uta was trying to understand him, so he kept on staring at him, and the baby stared back. That went on for a half an hour until you stopped them, and would have stopped them earlier, but that’s how they were bonding.

   “I’m glad I said yes to the child.” Uta said to you.

   “I would have taken care of him whether you agreed to it, or not.” You said back to him. You smiled as you looked at your child.

   This wasn’t a mistake.

Finished with the epilogue! Sorry I posted it so late, I've been working on another story, which is a Christmas oneshot, I hope you like this chapter!

Part 1: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 1
Part 2: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 2
Part 3: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 3
Part 4: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 4
Part 5: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 5
Part 6: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 6
Part 7: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 7
Part 8: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 8

Part 9: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 9
Part 10: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 10
Part 11: Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 11
Part 12 (End): Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 12 End
Part 13 (Epilogue):
 *Currently Here*

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I wish there was an alternate ending where they do get a pet instead of child, because personally the thought of raising a child or simply being pregnant makes me sick. In any case, this story was absolutely beautiful and I loved it!
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I loved the end. SO FRIKKIN CUTE!!!!!!
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Uta is Love.

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Uta is everything.

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I just love him
KitsuneAlyss Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Nawww so cute :3 I loved the whole 13 chapters of Mistake. Im going to miss the surprise of reading them. A job well done :-)
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Thanks for reading the story!
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